The membership of the EBC consists of patient groups, scientific and professional organisations as well as industrial partners. As per its statutes, the EBC accepts as Full Members pan-European umbrella organisations with an interest in the brain. Any organisation that supports the aims of the EBC can apply to become an observer in order to contribute in an advisory capacity. Organisations or individuals that have contributed in an outstanding fashion to the aims of the EBC can also become honorary members.


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Latest activities

The FENS Regional Meeting (FRM) 2021 hosted participants worldwide by creating an engaging virtual experience with an excellent scientific programme that attracted more than 2,000 people. Especially notable, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) organised three special interest events: Pitch your science communication project, Career pathways in neuroscience and training opportunities and Promoting continuity of international collaboration in animal neuroscience research.

FENS hosted the Brain Conference “RNA Mechanisms and Brain Disease” on 20-23 October 2021 in Rungstedgaard, Denmark, with the support of the Lundbeck Foundation. The meeting was co-chaired by Giovanna Mallucci (University of Cambridge and UK DRI, United Kingdom) and Erin Schuman (MPI Brain Research, Germany) and explored how neurons regulate RNA molecules and protein synthesis and how these mechanisms represent vulnerabilities for various neurological diseases.


In 2021, FENS launched a new advocacy training programme for its member societies’ leadership, with the support of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). Aiming to provide an in-depth understanding of the European legislative environment and decision-making processes, the training programme will ultimately help FENS and its members to identify and anticipate changing political priorities and funding opportunities. In 2022, FENS published a commentary on calls to phase out animal experiments following developments at European level and will continue to advocate for the need to offer scientists the time and means to develop viable alternatives to animal experiments in order to encourage scientific advancement.   


In 2022, FENS and the Société des Neurosciences look forward to welcoming back the neuroscience community at the FENS Forum 2022 in Paris (France) on 9-13 July. The FENS Forum is Europe’s largest international neuroscience meeting and the 2022 edition will be the first big in-person global gathering of neuroscientists after a long interruption.

Future plans

FENS will host its yearly programme of meetings and training activities and develop new activities, both in-person and online   

Meetings in 2022  

  • FENS Forum 2022, taking place on 9-13 July 2022 in Paris, France  
  • ENCODS 2022 “Working Across Scales in Neuroscience” taking place on 7-8 July 2022 in Paris, France  
  • The Brain Conference “Genetics and mechanisms of complex disorders: highlighting migraine”, taking place on 26-29 June 2022 in Rungstedgaard, Denmark. Organised by FENS with the support of the Lundbeck Foundation

Meetings in 2023  

  • FENS Regional Meeting, taking place on 3-5 May 2023 in Algarve, Portugal. Organised by the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience 


  • FENS Summer School “Artificial and natural computations for sensory perception: what is the link?”, 22-28 May 2022, Bertinoro, Italy

Advocacy and Outreach (Engagement) 

  • Advocacy training sessions, for FENS member societies only – organised by FENS