We are pleased to announce that the European Brain Council (EBC) has been selected to lead one of the 2024 EU Health Policy Platform Thematic Networks, focused Towards an EU Coordination Plan for the Brain. This decision underscores the growing importance of brain health and science in shaping EU health, social, and research policies.

This Thematic Network aims to unite stakeholders from across the brain community to develop policy recommendations for a comprehensive European Brain Health, Research and Innovation Plan. Our goals are to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of brain disorders, ultimately fostering a healthier and more innovative Europe – while socializing the concepts of brain health, brain capital, brain wealth and brain economy.

We encourage the entire brain community to join us in this significant endeavor. Your support and collaboration are crucial to work towards positioning brain health at the forefront of EU policy health, social and research policy orientations. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the brain health and, thus, overall wellbeing of millions across Europe.

What is a Thematic Network?

Thematic Networks are temporary, set up for a period of 6 to 9 months. They are led by a stakeholder organisation selected through a call for proposals and a democratic poll in the Agora Network on the EU Health Policy Platform. The leader prepares a collaborative position paper (the Joint Statement) on a health-related priority. The Platform team organises several open live webinars to discuss ideas before the Joint Statement is drafted and later presented by the organisation in the lead at the EU Health Policy Platform Annual Meeting. All users registered in the Agora network are invited to actively participate in the Thematic Networks by attending webinars, by suggesting their own Joint Statement or by seeking endorsement of their Joint Statement.

How can you Register?

The EU Health Policy Platform (EUHPP) was created by the European Commission as a space for health stakeholders to exchange the latest news, reach a targeted audience to increase the visibility of their initiatives, and build up strong networks.  To access EBC-led Thematic Network and the EU Health Policy Platform (EUHPP), you need to register on the platform and receive approval from the EUHPP Team. Below you will find a detailed guide on how to register, as well as infographic explaining the platform and presenting key data on its users.