Position Papers

The contribution of invertebrates to the understanding of the vertebrate 1 nervous system, its mechanisms, functions and pathological dysfunctions (2019)

Novel analyses of the nervous 13 systems of vertebrates allow retracing the occurring evolutionary changes with unprecedented 14 precision using new technical tools from molecular biology, immunocytochemistry or molecular 15 genetics. These analyses reveal the evolution of particular brain structures in new environments and 16 their relation to different life styles, something that biologists call an “ecological niche”.

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EBC position on animal research in neuroscience (2017)

Though recognizing the limits of animal research, animal models often provide unique insights in the functioning of the human nervous system. Fully stopping animal research would therefore harm the efforts of neuroscientists to develop medicines for people living with brain disorders. The EBC thus supports Directive 2010/63/EU that provides a robust and solid framework for animal research.

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EBC contribution to the Green Paper: from challenges to opportunities, towards a common strategic framework for EU Research and Innovation funding

There are many potential benefits from the incorporation of the various EU research and innovation funding initiatives into a single programme. EBC believes that the establishment of the framework would help to ensure that the EU supports high quality research across its Member States, of which Brain disorders plays a major part, but that there should be Green Paper – “From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding” greater clarity regarding the prioritisation of the research agenda, which should reflect the needs of society and the citizens from across all of Europe and its’ changing demographics.

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EBC Position Paper on its relationship with its member organisations and National Brain Councils

When the European Brain Council was being formed, one of the primary concerns was how such an organisation would maintain its focus and governing principles. As a coalition of other organisations with their own membership, rules and objectives, there were several issues to be considered. The first of these was to decide which of the many European organisations whose aims are compatible with those of the EBC should become members.

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EBC position paper on counterfeit and substandard medicines

The 2008 data from the European Commission showed that 34 million fake medicines were found by European customs authorities in just 8 weeks during 2008. This demonstrates the explosion in counterfeiting when compared to the 2.7 million fake medicines seized during 2006. The European Brain Council believes that counterfeit and substandard medicines represent a serious threat to European Public health and that action is needed to ensure that the legitimate supply chain is secure.

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EBC position paper on the protection and use of animals in research (2008)

The EBC has followed closely the revision of the Directive 86/609 and, in particular, the European Parliament’s Written Declaration requesting an immediate ban on the use of great apes and wild caught monkeys as well as a timetable for the phasing out of all use of non-human primates. The EBC approves of well-considered efforts to implement the reduction, refinement and replacement (3Rs) of animals in biomedical research in general, and to develop scientifically-based alternatives that have the potential to provide alternative or superior information to that obtained from animals.

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Nutritional psychiatry: Towards improving mental health by what you eat

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Meeting Archives

EBC European Brain Policy Forum 2010

A focus on persons with schizophrenia and the european society

The 3rd European Brain Policy forum, entitled “A Focus on Persons with Schizophrenia and the European Society” was jointly organised by the Spanish Brain Council (SBC) and the European Brain Council (EBC) at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Madrid on February 23rd and 24th 2010.

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EBC European Brain Policy Forum 2009

Depression and the European Society

The 2nd European Brain Policy Forum, entitled “Depression and the European Society” took place in Brussels over 25-26 February 2009.

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EBC European Brain Policy Forum 2008

A focus on Parkinson’s Disease and the European Society

The first of a series of annual, multidisciplinary forums launched by the European Brain Council (EBC) to bring stakeholders together to discuss a major brain disease took Parkinson’s disease (PD) as its theme. The goal of the forum was to highlight the imbalance between the societal and individual costs of brain disease, and the resources allocated to dealing with the problem, and to help build a coordinated European research strategy to tackle it better in future. Each forum will open with an analysis of the burden and cost of the disease in question, and will then allow patients, policymakers, scientists, doctors and industry representatives—all those with a stake in disease-related research—to have their say.

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