The European Brain Council is a unique organisation bringing together pan-European bodies representing neurologists, basic neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, neuro-pharmacologists as well as patients federations and relevant areas of industries. In consequence, the EBC has to deal with many different aspects induced by brain disorders, be it the diseases themselves, research, treatment or improved quality of life of patients.

One of EBC’s main missions is to raise awareness on the importance of brain research in order to improve the lives of those living with brain conditions – neurological and mental alike. This also entails raising awareness on the large number of brain conditions that exist and to shed light on living with them. There are over 600 neurological diseases[1] and nearly 300 psychiatric conditions[2] noted today.

Below you will find factsheets on a selection of neurological and psychiatric conditions; a library that EBC is working on developing and keeping up to date: