European Brain Research Area (EBRA)

EU-funded project

The European Brain Research Area project — EBRA — was created as a catalysing initiative for brain research stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, patients, governments, funders and public institutions) to streamline and better co-ordinate brain research across Europe while fostering global initiatives.

Value of Treatment

EBC Project

The European Brain Council launched in 2015 the Value of Treatment (VoT) research project that provides evidence-based and cost-effective policy recommendations for the adoption and implementation of a more patient-centred and sustainable model of care for those disorders.

Alzheimer’s Disease Detect & Prevent

EU-funded project

The AD Detect and Prevent project aims to develop an innovative digital tool for improving the early detection Alzheimer’s disease. This healthcare solution will also offer personalized intervention programmes in order to address risk factors connected to Alzheimer’s dementia.

Science & Society Video Series

Disease awareness and understanding of not only what it is but what people are living with is a lacking knowledge to the majority of society. In this regard, EBC is developing a series of “Science & Society” videos with the support of experts in the chosen field to help build understanding of the ongoing basic research happening behind the scenes and how this research is contributing to not only understanding the underlying mechanisms but also how it is making an impact on the lives of the people living with the diseases, through treatment innovation and more.


EBC Special Interest Event:
Global Research Collaboration

In the framework of the FENS Forum 2020, EBC co-organised a series of activities within Forum on the topic of Global Research Collaboration, highlighting the existing partnerships within research—specifically, brain research—in the European Union, the United States and Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and possibly others.