Full project name: HetERogeneous sEmantic Data integratIon for the guT-bRain interplaY

Funding Programme and Grant Agreement number: Horizon Europe, GA No.  101137074

Duration: 48 months

Consortium: Universita Degli Studi di Padova, Sirma Ai Ead, Surf Bv, Stichting Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum, Observa Associazione, Fundacion Empresa Universidad Gallega, Universita Degli Studi Di Torino, Aalborg Universitet, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Technische Universitaet Graz, Fundacio Centre de Regulacio Genomica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Europese Vereniging Voor Professionals en Patienten met Als, Regents of The University of Colorado, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Consorcio para la Explotacion del Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico, Haute Ecole Specialisee de Suisse Occidentale

Short description:

HEREDITARY aims to significantly transform the way we approach disease detection, prepare treatment response, and explore medical knowledge by building a robust, interoperable, trustworthy and secure framework that integrates multimodal health data (including genetic data) while ensuring compliance with cross-national privacy-preserving policies. The HEREDITARY framework comprises five interconnected layers, from federated data processing and semantic data integration to visual interaction. By utilizing advanced federated analytics and learning workflows, we aim to identify new risk factors and treatment responses focusing, as exploratory use cases, on neurodegenerative and gut microbiome related disorders. HEREDITARY is harmonizing and linking heterogeneous sources of clinical, genomic, and environmental data on a large scale. This enables clinicians, researchers, and policymakers to understand these diseases better and develop more effective treatment strategies. HEREDITARY adheres to the citizen science paradigm to ensure that patients and the public have a primary role in guiding scientific and medical research while maintaining full control of their data. Our goal is to change the way we approach healthcare by unlocking insights that were previously impossible to obtain.

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