EBC Collaboration

BioMed Alliance

The Biomedical Alliance in Europe (BioMed Alliance) is the result of a unique initiative of leading European medical societies that together include more than 400,000 researchers and health professionals. The mission of the BioMed Alliance is to advance and strengthen biomedical research, in particular translational research, which is crucial for innovation. https://www.biomedeurope.org/ 

EU Health CoalitionThe Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to promote a shared vision of health in Europe, based on jointly developed recommendations. The purpose is to raise health high on the political agenda and bring the necessary changes to address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities driven by an ageing population and increased prevalence of chronic diseases that healthcare systems and citizens across Europe are facing. https://www.euhealthcoalition.eu/


EBC is part of a group of European health organisations that aims to raise awareness of the implications that Brexit could have for patients and the public at large and make sure that patients’ interests are put first.

Digital Therapeutic PartnershipDigital Therapeutic Partnership

This alliance of start-ups, research consortia and patient groups aims to build an enabling policy environment for digital healthcare that will allow solutions and technologies to be developed, deployed, grown in Europe, and ultimately benefit patients and citizens.