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4 05-2021

EBC holds Policy Roundtable on Brain Health in Europe: Fostering Innovation, Improving Outcomes


EBC recently launched a Policy Roadmap entitled ‘Brain Health in Europe: Fostering Innovation, Improving Outcomes’ on 16 March 2021. The Roadmap is built around four main chapters: 1. Prioritising brain health 2. Fostering research and innovation for brain health 3. Improving access and outcomes 4. A call for an integrated approach to brain research and [...]

27 04-2021

MEPs call for EU to take lead in tackling brain disorders and Policy Roadmap featured in Parliament Magazine


EBC is featured in the latest Parliament Magazine, with President Prof. Monica Di Luca included with a Thought Leader piece, outlining why the establishment of a European brain health strategy is critical to fostering research and innovation, and improving patient care. With this article, as well as with the publication of our Policy Roadmap [...]

13 04-2021

Registration for the 3rd Brain Innovation Days event open!


The Brain Innovation Days team is very pleased to announce that registration is now open for the third Brain Innovation Days event, to be held virtually on 27 April 2021 at 12:30 - 14:00 CET. This lunchtime interactive session will fall under the theme "Fast-tracking brain innovation in times of COVID-19". The last 14 [...]

31 03-2021

Save the Date for the 3rd Brain Innovation Days on 27 April 2021 – Fast-tracking brain innovation in times of COVID-19


The 3rd Brain Innovation Days digital event on "Fast-tracking brain innovation in times of COVID-19" will take place on 27 March 2021 (12:30 - 14:00 CET) The last 14 months have been a most testing time for the world in general and for global health in particular. COVID-19 took the world by surprise as [...]

30 03-2021

International neurology groups unite to drive change for patients amid soaring figures


International neurological organisations and regional umbrellas are teaming up to make neurology a global public health priority. The OneNeurology Initiative aims to unite and strengthen neurology-related groups to stimulate collaborative advocacy, action and accountability for the prevention, treatment and management of neurological disorders worldwide. The European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA], together with the [...]

26 03-2021

Event Report: “Patient Engagement in EU-Funded Brain Research Projects”


On 16 March 2021, on the occasion of Brain Awareness Week 2021, the European Brain Council, in partnership with the European Federation of Neurological Associations & GAMIAN-Europe, held an event on Patient Engagement in EU-Funded Brain Research Projects. The event aimed to shed light on the current state of patient engagement in EU-funded brain [...]

19 03-2021

A look back at Brain Awareness Week 2021


Brain Awareness Week 2021 is coming to an end and despite the ongoing pandemic hindering the organisation of another annual EBC European Parliament event, the week has been a busy one for EBC nonetheless. On Tuesday, 16 March, EBC held a virtual Brain Awareness Week event in partnership with members European Federation of Neurological Associations [...]

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