The European Brain Council has been involved in many projects ever since its creation. Its membership results from concerted discussions with its members organisations. In addition, members of project groups are appointed by the EBC leadership in order to find the best-suited experts throughout Europe be they doctors, basic scientists or expert patients.


The Value of Treatment

Identify treatment gaps (or barriers to care) and causing factors along the care pathway and propose solutions to address them. Assess health gains and socio-economic impacts resulting from best practice healthcare interventions, in comparison with current care or no treatment. Converge evidence to policy.



EBC has created the #ILoveMyBrain logo as a communication tool for promoting and connecting all the work being done to promote brain health and prevent and treat brain disorders in Europe.


Good Off-Label Use Practice

The EBC actively supports the adoption of EU guidelines on off-label use of medicines, a policy option presented in the European Commission`s Study on off-label use of medicinal products in the European Union published in February 2017. Off-label use is the practice of using a medicine outside its authorised indication.


Not Myself Today (Europe)

Not Myself Today is an annual workplace mental health initiative that equips senior leaders, human resources, managers and employees with activities, tools and resources focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of mental health, reducing stigma, and fostering safe, open and supportive workplace environments.


EBC Call to Action

We call upon the European Commission to come forward with a European plan to tackle brain health in a collaborative, integrated and comprehensive manner, as well as to further support European Union Member States and associated countries in their efforts to combat the impact of brain disorders.

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