Knowledge Base

Following the extensive consultation process with the majority of NBCs in 2015, EBC drafted a toolkit that aims at offering a collected set of tools to NBCs. It is intended to serve as inspiration and assistance when engaging with national stakeholders.

The toolkit has been developed to reflect the current environmental strategic set up, namely that NBCs are independent bodies but aligned with the main goals of the EBC. The aim of this toolkit is to support local councils in undertaking activities and starting new initiatives. It provides knowledge, ideas, tools and step-by-step advice. It also aims to encourage closer collaboration between EBC and individual NBCs, in order to share knowledge and learnings.

Toolkit for National Brain Councils

NBCs Toolkit

The toolkit provides a guide on:

Guidelines on how to form a NBC/NAG

Key messages for politicians, media and wider audience

Use of ambassadors

Examples of best practices

Social media strategy

Communications strategy

Securing funding

Ten priorities for national brain plans