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EBC Ambassadors


EBC Ambassadors



Dr. Ava Easton

Dr Ava Easton is the Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society.

Ava has produced and published several papers, and more recently a book (Life After Encephalitis) on various aspects of encephalitis and its after-effects; she also speaks at conferences and provides lectures and training on acquired brain injury, and encephalitis and its consequences, for health, education and social care professionals, worldwide.

Ava is involved in a number of research studies looking into the processes and outcomes of encephalitis and is an Honorary Fellow in the Dept. of Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Liverpool; Editorial Board Member and Book Review Editor for Brain Injury Journal; Ambassador for the European Brain Injury Council; Chair of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel for the Global Health Research Group on Brain Infections; Patient Representative, National Neurosciences Advisory Group; Reviewer for books and the arts for the Lancet Neurology.

Ava also acts as a consultant to various Media (Radio and Television) on encephalitis and acquired brain injury.

Specialties: encephalitis; acquired brain injury; charity management; health sciences; neuro-narratives; narrative medicine.