AGORA: Advancing Guidelines with Original Research Achievements in pain


AGORA is an ERA-NET NEURON-funded project aiming to improve the effectiveness of therapy of chronic neuropathic pain (CNP) and rate of responders in future clinical trials delivering the treatment to targeted subgroups of patients. To achieve this, we will share skills in clinic, neuroimaging, biology, and neurophysiology, and psychology with the experience of patients? representatives to provide a comprehensive assessment of needs and build innovative designs for interventional research programs for CNP. Work plan: with evidence-based approaches, experts from different research areas will collaborate with early career researchers (ECRs) to identify key variables impacting on symptomatology, wellness and QoL of patients. Through the Delphi process, a consensus on the relevant variables describing specific endophenotypes of CNP most suitable for new clinical trials will be found. Recommendations for harmonization of clinical procedures, experimental methodologies and data management will be delivered. The impact and potential of our results will be at different levels. Scientific: creation of synergies between ECRs and experts in the field, promoting the concept of CNP as a person-related condition, driving preclinical and clinical findings to provide new therapies. Societal: improving QoL of patients and their families through improved diagnosis and treatment, optimizing the cost-effectiveness of pharma-company investments and healthcare system improving quality and reducing costs of public assistance.