EBC is happy to support and recognise World Mental Health Day, which takes place annually on 10 October. The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health. This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

COVID-19 presents an opportunity to reset fragmented health and care systems so that they are integrated, driven by people and communities and resilient in the face of future systemic shocks. Even before the pandemic, the burden of mental health problems in Europe was very high, with more than one in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem. And the situation has been exacerbated by the sanitary crisis. Given the chronic nature of mental disorders like depression, this translates into a significant medical, social and economic impact worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, today countries spend less than 2% of their health budgets on mental health. However, much more can be done to manage and promote mental health efficiently. 

The Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders (VOT) is a health economics and outcomes research project coordinated by the European Brain Council (EBC). Our preferred scenario “Investment for Equal Access” is defined by the innovation driven by patient’s unmet needs and the value of treatment. Conclusions of a first VOT study (VOT1) link early intervention to measurable health gains such as improved recovery rates, reduced complications and disability, better quality of life and lower treatment costs for people affected by schizophrenia. In 2019, in order for the research to dig deeper into the current unmet needs in mental health care using a value-based approach, a second round (VOT2) on new therapeutic areas was launched; focusing on the value of early intervention and continuity of care for anorexia nervosa, autism spectrum disorder and major depressive disorder. Results of the case studies will be released during the 2022 Brain Awareness Week.