Value of Treatment: 1st Round

The VOT research project first round (2015-2017) (VOT1) included case studies on disorders ranging from schizophrenia to Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, headache, normal pressure hydrocephalus, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, restless legs syndrome and stroke).  

The conclusions released in 2017 (EBC White Policy Paper) highlighted the need for more research, early, if possible prodromal, diagnosis and intervention, integrated seamless care underpinning timely care pathways as a solution to address value-based health care in Europe and access to the best treatments available. 

EBC Policy White Paper & Conference Posters

Policy White Paper - EBC research project on the Value of Treatment of Brain Disorders in Europe

Policy white paper

Conference Posters - Value of Treatment - EBC Research Project

Conference Posters

Scientific publications  


European Journal of Neurology

Improving outcomes and decreasing costs of neurological diseases: Mind the gap (Editorial)

European Journal of Neurology

Idiopathic normal‐pressure hydrocephalus: the cost‐effectiveness of delivering timely and adequate treatment in Germany

European Journal of Neurology

The economic benefit of timely, adequate, and adherence to Parkinson’s disease treatment: the Value of Treatment Project 2

European Journal of Neurology

Socioeconomic impact of restless legs syndrome and inadequate restless legs syndrome management across European settings

European Journal of Neurology

Value of treatment by comprehensive stroke services for the reduction of critical gaps in acute stroke care in Europe

Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders

Averting multiple sclerosis long-term societal and healthcare costs: The Value of Treatment (VoT) project

The Journal of Headache and Pain

Structured headache services as the solution to the ill-health burden of headache. Modelling effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of implementation in Europe: findings and conclusions


European Psychiatry

Value of schizophrenia treatment I: The patient journey

European Psychiatry

Value of schizophrenia treatment II: Decision modelling for developing early detection and early intervention services in the Czech Republic

The Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders in Europe – EBC Conference 2017 

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