5n6awjzX5xhsFeK_RX9bk8XIGgrKjNSWsVwgtCxPg3EThe European Brain Council, in collaboration with the Polish Brain Council, the Polish Science Contact Agency in Brussels (PolSCA) and Foundation “NeuroPozytywni”  organized a meeting entitled “Polish Brain Plan – an example of a comprehensive national brain strategy,” which was held on 17 November 2015 Brussels.

Brain disorders, including developmental, pain, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, represent an enormous disease burden in terms of human suffering and economic cost. As such, it is important that these are addressed through integrated, coordinated and cooperative national efforts. To this end, the European Commission together with the Irish EU Presidency called in May 2013 that the European countries “develop, or refine, national strategies on brain research and healthcare within an overarching European context. Successful examples of national strategies in other research areas, such as cancer, already exist in Europe.”

The meeting brought together key policy makers and other stakeholders from national and EU level to enable interactive exchange of views and experiences in this field. The objective was to stimulate an interest of other European countries to devise similar brain plans. To this end, a “Call to action” was discussed and signed by the interested parties and attendees.

Read the report and follow-up from the conference.