EBC was delighted to participate in the 10th European Academy of Neurology  Congress (EAN) which took place under the overarching theme “Neuromodulation: advances & opportunities in neurological diseases” from 29 June until 2 of July in Helsinki (Finland). This year’s Congress has reached record-breaking attendance with more than 7,000 onsite attendees, 2,000 virtual participants and a record number of 2,777 submitted abstracts. EBC was pleased to be part of the exhibition space and hold three Scientific Theatres, two poster presentations and a TV studio session.

EBC TV Studio Session: Towards a European Brain Health Plan

This session brought together key voices from the brain community – clinicians, patients and political scientists – to discuss the work being done at the national and regional levels to advocate for brain health, exploring the challenges and sharing the achievements thus far.  

Watch back the recording of the EBC TV Studio Session.

Scientific Theatre: Toward a European Brain Health Plan

The session explored the European Brain Health Initiatives, addressed the investments in brain research and the challenges in applying this knowledge due to its complexity. It emphasises the importance of collaboration for maximising the impact of these initiatives. A key focus was on the CSA BrainHealth and the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

Scientific Theatre: Digital Care Pathways for Rare Brain Diseases, The Case of Phenylketonuria

This session delved into the transformative potential of data and digital tools in healthcare, emphasizing patient-centred care and the European Health Data Space. The session explored the EBC-coordinated Value of Education (VOE): Digital Care Pathways Project on Phenylketonuria (PKU), which aims to address patient needs through digital care pathways. The overall goal of the session was to highlight the advancements and challenges in integrating digital solutions into patient care for rare brain diseases.

Additionally, the VOE was presented as a Poster Presentation.

Scientific Theatre: Uniting Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research Innovations through Collaborative Endeavours

The session covered the BRAINTEASER project, which uses AI and big data for remote monitoring and decision-making in Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The project’s preliminary results and potential impact on patient care were discussed.

Additionally, the BRAINTEASER was available as an ePoster on Congress platform.