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EBC is pleased to hold a poster presentationAssessing the Digital Care Pathways Unmet Needs for Rare Brain Diseases. The Case of Phenylketonuria at the upcoming 10th Congress of European Academy of Neurology. The Conference will take place from 29 June until 2 July-26 2024 in Helsinki (Finland). The poster will be presented by Vinciane Quoidbach, Research Project Manager in Public Health and Policy for Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders Study at EBC, and one of the experts involved in the Value of Education project.

Poster will represent the part of Value of Education project.

Digital Care Pathways for Rare Brain Diseases research project (2023-2024) is coordinated by the European Brain Council. The study is looking at the unmet needs while using digital care pathways and aiming to assess the benefits of health digital tools from the patient perspective after COVID-19 pandemic, presenting the phenylketonuria (PKU) case study.

Authors: Cannizzo S, Quoidbach V, Treacy EP, Hermida A, MacDonald A, Scarpa M, Van Spronsen F, Lange E, Sheehan-Gilroy B, Hagedorn T, Bak A, Turchetti G  

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