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EBC as a member of the pan-European Mental Health Coalition (*) working package on mental health and well-being of children, adolescents and youth and in the framework of the joint Value of Treatment study on anorexia nervosa, autism and depression in Europe participated online in the Mental Health Week meeting that took place in Athens (Greece) on 3-5 November 2022. 

The meeting aimed to share good practices in improving mental health and well-being for children and adolescents, to review progress to date and to refine priority actions for the future. It included interactive workshops to gather inputs from young people on developing a quality-of-care framework for child and adolescent mental health in Europe.

(*) The Coalition, launched in September 2021, is a network of individuals and organisations committed to ensuring that every person in the European Region has access to the resources needed for good mental health. It does so by harnessing the collective wisdom, expertise, and know-how of its more than 200 members, guided by the WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health 2021–2025. A 2nd meeting of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition “Local Action, Regional Transformation” will take place on 23-24 November 2022 in Ankara (Turkey). This meeting will show examples of good practices in national contexts, including Turkey, as well as looking to the future, and discuss how to continue towards mental health service transformation.

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