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EBC is pleased to have an e-poster viewing “Rethinking Schizophrenia: Beyond the Voices” at the upcoming European Congress of Psychiatry, set to take place on 6-9 April 2024 in Budapest (Hungary). The e-poster will be displayed at 08:00-17:00 on 7 April 2024 in the e-poster area.

The e-poster will feature the Rethinking schizophrenia project, coordinated by EBC. Rethinking Schizophrenia is a research-driven project offering tangible policy changes to improve the lives of people living with schizophrenia across Europe. It challenges the status quo and refreshes the European policy debate on people living with schizophrenia and encourages multi-stakeholder-driven policy. The project falls under #BeyondTheVoices campaign.

Péter Kéri

President, GAMIAN-Europe

Peer-support professional with background in education, public relations, and mental health advocacy. Graduating as a teacher, he earned his first diploma. His journey continued as he pursued a second diploma in PR at the Metropolitan University.

Currently serving as the head of international relations, grants, and innovations at the Awakening Foundation in Hungary, Kéri Péter plays a pivotal role in fostering global connections and driving innovative initiatives. Kéri Péter holds the position of President at GAMIAN-Europe, the continent’s leading organization dedicated to supporting patients struggling with mental health challenges. He further contributes to the field as a Board Member of the European Psychiatric Association. Since 2013, Kéri Péter has been at the forefront of exploring innovative approaches that complement traditional research methodologies.

His commitment to enhancing patient care is evident through his role as the project leader of the Expert by Experience pilot project initiated by the foundation. His focus revolves around empowering patients within the social and healthcare systems, advocating for their involvement in decision-making processes. He is dedicated to identifying both facilitators and barriers related to patient participation and effectively communicating these findings to decision-makers on both national and international fronts.

Beyond his organizational roles, Kéri Péter is a speaker, and contributor to scientific publications in the field of mental health. His passion for driving positive change is reflected in his numerous international presentations, research endeavors, and contributions to scientific discourse.

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