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While brain disorders cost the European Union an estimated €800 billion every year (a number widely considered to be outdated and much higher as of 2024), we have yet to have a full understanding of their underlying mechanisms and of the brain itself, mainly due to how incredibly complex this organ is. Consequently, a large number of brain conditions remain without a disease-modifying therapy or cure.

Instead of divesting in a cost, to meet this growing burden, policymakers and society at large should view the prioritization and support of brain research as an investment into prevention, wellness and optimization, creating a better future for each and every one of their constituents. Concerted action to improve access to prevention, effective and timely diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitative and supportive care is sorely needed to achieve potential savings and improve EU citizens’ quality of life. Brain conditions, neurological and mental alike, must be made an European priority, through both policymaking and economic prioritisation.

The upcoming 2024 European Election is thus a crucial milestone for the entire brain community. By participating in the electoral process, we can shape the future of brain health, research, and innovation in the EU, ultimately leading to better outcomes for individuals and societies alike. On this page, you will find relevant materials to help you engage in this process, and making sure the voice of our community is heard.

Between 6–9 June 2024, millions of Europeans will participate in shaping the future of European democracy on the occasion of the European elections.

It is a unique moment when we can all collectively decide on the future of the European Union. Voting is always important, be it at local, national or European level. It is an excellent opportunity to have your say on topics you care about.

It can be easy to forget how many people are impacted by the outcome of the European elections. The European Parliament adopts laws that affect everyone: large countries and small communities, powerful companies and young start-ups, the global and the local.

EU laws tackle most people’s priorities: the environment, security, migration, social policies, consumer rights, economy, rule of law and many more. Today, every important national topic also has a European angle.

Your vote will decide which Members of the European Parliament will represent you in preparing new laws and will influence the election of the European Commission. These decisions will shape your daily life and that of many others.

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