As you know, 2024 will be a pivotal year for brain health, research, and innovation – at both the European and international level.
One major milestone is coming soon: European elections will take place on June 6-9 2024. In anticipation, EBC, together with its nine member organisations, is pleased to release its 2024 Elections Manifesto, to help guide policymakers better understand the importance and urgency of placing brain health and research at the top of the European policy agenda.

Our Call

Thriving democracies and economies can make a difference through supporting environments that enable each citizen to achieve their full brain health potential conducive to both personal and societal well-being.

Developing a systemic, cross-disorder understanding that allows for effective prioritisation of limited resources is critical. Concerted action to improve access to prevention, effective and timely diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative and supportive care is sorely needed to achieve potential savings and improve EU citizens’ quality of life. Brain conditions, neurological and mental alike must be made a national priority, through both policymaking and economic prioritisation.

We call on the European Parliament and European Commission 2024-2029 to support policy making towards equitable and quality brain health to combat brain challenges, promote societal cohesion, boost economic productivity and guide the EU to the role of global leader in brain research.