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27 03-2018

BBC submitted oral Parliamentary Question to the Health Minister

2020-03-05T21:34:50+00:0027-03-2018|National Brain Councils|

A written question to the Minister of Social Affairs and Health was submitted by Belgium Brain Council via Federal Deputy Damien Thiery. The question calls for creation of a central register of clinical trials and research on the brain disorders – “Belgian Brain Research Registry”. The full question is available here (PDF, in French).  

6 12-2017

Norwegian Health Minister announced Brain Plan

2020-03-05T21:35:01+00:0006-12-2017|National Brain Councils|

Bent Høie, Minister of Health and Care Services of Norway, recently announced the launch of the first Norwegian Brain Plan that aims to support brain research and improve the quality of treatment. Additionally, the plan highlights the importance of prevention and involving patients and relatives. In the light of the enormous societal burden that brain [...]

6 10-2017

Launch Portuguese Brain Council

2020-03-05T21:35:10+00:0006-10-2017|National Brain Councils|

EBC is pleased to announce that a Portuguese Brain Council was established this October, following a stakeholder meeting at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra. The Council aims to facilitate cooperation between patient organizations, scientific societies and individual experts in Portugal. Furthermore, improving care and treatment of patients living with nervous system [...]

6 10-2017

CADASIL joined as member of the Dutch Brain Council

2020-03-05T21:35:20+00:0006-10-2017|National Brain Councils|

Stichting Platform CADASIL recently joined as member of the Dutch Brain Council (DBC), which makes the DBC one of the fastest growing patient platforms in the Netherlands. The work of the foundation revolves around supporting research into Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) and increasing awareness about this condition among the [...]

6 10-2017

Polish Brain Plan

2020-03-05T21:35:30+00:0006-10-2017|National Brain Councils|

Members of a consortium, among which EBC, that works towards developing a Polish Brain Plan recently met in Warsaw to discuss the outcomes of a survey on brain health. The results indicate that only 20 percent of Polish citizens considers their knowledge about brain disorders to be good or very good. Furthermore, only 2 percent [...]

6 08-2017

BBC Consensus Statement for the adoption of a Belgian Brain Plan

2020-03-05T21:35:40+00:0006-08-2017|National Brain Councils|

The Belgian Brain Council (BBC) recently shared a Consensus Statement on the adoption of a Belgian Brain Plan. The document stresses the importance of a National Brain Plan for improving efficiency of care for brain-diseased persons and promoting novel therapeutic approaches for brain disorders. The full statement can be found below. Read More

6 07-2017

Meeting of the 3rd Academy of National Brain Councils

2020-03-05T21:35:50+00:0006-07-2017|National Brain Councils|

The European Brain Council (EBC) brought together representatives from 9 national brain councils during the 3rd NBCs Academy held on 12 and 13 July. The Academy provided an ideal opportunity for discussing national brain plans, EU research projects, advocacy efforts and best practices. Guest speakers Ortwin Schulte and Nada Sirotić, respectively representatives of the German [...]

6 06-2017

NBC Academy 2017 – 12-13 July

2020-03-05T21:36:34+00:0006-06-2017|National Brain Councils|

The EBC is making preparations for the 3rdNBC Academy which will bring together national brain councils in Brussels, thereby fostering cooperation in the field of brain disorders. Key topics to be discussed are the development of national brain plans, EU research funding and the outcomes of the recently concluded Value of Treatment research project.

6 05-2017

Dutch Brain Council

2020-03-05T21:36:25+00:0006-05-2017|National Brain Councils|

Foetaal Alcohol Syndroom Stichting Nederland (FAS Stichting) (English: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Association Netherlands) became the 25th member of the Dutch Brain Council this month. FAS Netherlands aims to raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, which are a number of conditions that can occur in baby`s whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. By gaining 25 [...]

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