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Joint meeting of 2nd round of EBC "Value of Treatment" project working groups
On 15 May 2019, a joint meeting was held in Brussels for the new case studies of the 2nd round of the EBC Value of Treatment project. Working groups in the fields of Mental Disorders: Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa), Major Depressive Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder* and Rare Neurological...
EBC holds 5th Academy Meeting of National Brain Councils
The 5th Academy Meeting of National Brain Councils was held from 9th-10th May in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This year's meeting, hosted by the Croatian Brain Council, brought together delegates from fifteen European countries for two days of progress reports, discussion and brainstorming on joint...
New Brain, Mind and Pain Book of Evidence released for the 2019-2024 EU mandate
The Brain, Mind and Pain (BMP) initiative has today launched its Book of Evidence for the 2019-2024 EU mandate. This Book of Evidence (BoE) sets a strategic vision on policy action to deliver better care for people with neurological and chronic pain disorders in the EU. It will be used as the...
VOT & EBC featured in Spanish publication on health and social care for MS in Spain
The publication “SumEMos: Análisis y propuestas para contribuir a normalizar la vida con EM” integrates all voices from the Multiple Sclerosis community in Spain. The document was released in the last weeks in conclusion of last year's “SumEMos para normalizar la vida con EM” conference...
EBC-endorsed "Alzheimer’s Policy toolkit for Members of the European Parliament" released
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) – the most common cause of dementia – is one of the most significant medical and societal challenges of our time. It does not discriminate and affects everyone, across all generations – from the people who develop the condition, to the families that care for them...

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