A call for proposals to select the next Thematic Network leaders was launched back in March. From the 19 proposals that were submitted and evaluated by the European Commission, six made it to this poll. Now the final selection is up to you!​

In response to the European Commission’s invitation to stakeholders to make a proposal under its next cycle of Thematic Networks under the EU Health Policy Platform (EU HPP), the European Brain Council (EBC), its members and allies are proposing a ‘Brain Health and Brain Research Innovation’ Thematic Network under the ‘Life-time approach to prevention with stakeholders contributing to a comprehensive and multi-sectorial approach on healthy longevity’ topic.

You can read the six proposals and vote for “Brain Health and Brain Research Thematic Network” by clicking on the button below. The top three proposals that receive the most votes will become the 2024 Thematic Networks.

This poll will close on 21 May 2024 at 23.55 CEST, Brussels time.

Stakeholders interested in voting must first register in the EU Health Policy Platform​