Three years on, the 4th edition of the Brain Innovation Days will take place on 13-14 November 2024 in Brussels under the overarching theme Navigating the Brain Across a Lifetime. The main theme will revolve around 5 subthemes: Blossoming Brains: Early Brain Development; Building Brains: Schools and Workplaces; Timeless Brains: Nurturing Resilience, Embracing Change; Holistic Brains: Strategies for Brain Health in a Dynamic Society; Advancements in Neurotechnology: Pioneering Innovations.

Abstract submission for the 2024 Brain Innovation Days is now open! We invite all players in the Brain Innovation Community to shape this year’s programme!

Poster Presentation

Are you part of an ongoing project that is in the ideation or research phase? Present your work with a Poster Presentation in the Innovation Hall.

Innovation Showcase

Do you have something tangible to showcase, such as a device, an app, technology or software? Showcase it in the Innovation Hall with a dedicated space!

Pitch Competition

Do you have a start-up or business plan set up for the next great brain innovation? Take part in the Pitch Competition and pitch your business to a jury of experts and investors in no more than 180 seconds.

Innovative Session

Do you want to play an active role in shaping the programme? Submit a 30-minutes long Innovative Session!