a3c1bbc8-f387-428c-93ad-44c1a33bf517On 22nd September, e-Infrastructures- with the cooperation of RDA for data intensive science, organized a workshop on “Infrastructure for Understanding the Human Brain”which was held in Paris.
Understanding the human brain remains a major challenge of the 21st century. Many groups worldwide are tackling the challenge of accelerating our understanding of the human brain through large-scale data management, mining, knowledge management and collaboration. The objective of this workshop was therefore to bring together the broader community and the EU Flagship Human Brain Project to tackle challenges relevant for neuroscience.
In this respect, the workshop explored current solutions and drove discussion around relevant developments from other fields and communities for neuroscience use cases.  The core topics of the seminar included discussions on active data repositories and federations, multiscale federated data mining, knowledge management and search and online collaboration environments, each session aimed to identify and develop relevant RDA working groups to ensure community collaboration on common standards and services.