The publication “SumEMos: Análisis y propuestas para contribuir a normalizar la vida con EM” integrates all voices from the Multiple Sclerosis community in Spain. The document was released in the last weeks in conclusion of last year’s “SumEMos para normalizar la vida con EM” conference on 4 October.

The publication aimed to answer a series of burning questions: who/what are the agents of change to change the future of MS? there are many challenges in living with MS: is it possible to be a parent, to work, etc.? how can we contribute to helping destigmatize MS? what is necessary to recognize non-professional carers? and many more.

EBC Research Project Manager, Vinciane Quoidbach, and Christine Merkel, Senior Researcher at Health Policy Partnership (HPP) contributed to the publication with an article on “MS in Europe: the value of integrated and personalised health and social care approaches”. The article covered the current situation of MS care, covering areas such as diagnosis and personalised treatment, multidisciplinary care, support in daily life and support at work, and explored the future challenges posed to people living with and people to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The full article can be viewed below, in both Spanish and in the English translation:

For the full publication, in Spanish, please follow this link.

SumEMos para normalizar la vida con EM-pages-52-54 EBC Chapter MS EU policy perspective FOR SUMEMOS_VQ and CM_FINAL

This publication was sponsored by Merck Spain.