10th January 2017

Today, FIPRA has released the final version of The Value of Health document: “Analyzing Health Outcomes Variation: For learning, improvement and better care value”. The Value of Health is a multi-stakeholder initiative advocating for more outcomes-focused health systems in Europe. The Value of Health consensus document was launched at the European Parliament in March 2016, endorsed by EBC. The current paper has been produced by a thematic Value of Health working group on health outcomes variation, with EBC as one of the key contributors.

The paper showcases EBC’s Value of Treatment (VoT) research project linking value outcomes, research and patient care, using stroke patients as an example. VoT aims to provide evidence-based and cost-effective policy recommendations for a more patient-centered and seamless care model for brain disorders. Dissemination of the paper,  particularly across the European institutions, will continue in advance of the OECD ministerial, happening on 16-17th January 2017.

The full document is available here: