Following a recent raise in security alert level in Belgium, new rules were put in place in the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels. As a result, Members of the EP were informed that they can no longer host events for external visitors in the European Parliament. All stakeholder events, exhibitions, cultural events and receptions scheduled for after 9 February have hence been suspended.

Under these new rules, only events organised by official Parliament bodies can invite external visitors. A letter sent to MEPs late last week lists the official bodies as: the conference of presidents, the bureau, the quaestors, the committees, the delegations and the political groups. Events sponsored by individual MEPs will no longer be allowed to take place.
The European Brain Council has been involved in preparation for several events that were due to be held in the EP at the beginning of March, in the framework of a conference: EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration.

Due to tighter security restrictions, the conference cannot be organized as originally planned. EBC therefore decided to merge the two events originally planned for 3rd and 5th March, into one: “From Brain Research to Future Treatments” that will be held in Stanhope hotel in Brussels on 3rd March, 10.30 – 13.30 (registration and info: This event will be organized with the support of Biogen Idec.

The working lunch on “Neuro-enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation” which was planned for 5th March in the EP will be postponed and a new date will be secured in the coming time. The lunch will be held in the context of EU funded project NERRI that EBC is a partner of.