The EBC-coordinated European Brain Research Area (EBRA) project is in its final months and today launches a Save the Date for its Final Conference, to be held in conjunction with the Brain Innovation Days, which will be back this year with its annual in-person event. The events will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 11 and 12 October 2022. The venue will be announced soon.

EBRA Final Conference (11 October)

Four years have already passed and plenty of work is to be presented this coming October, including the EBRA Landscape Analysis, the Shared European Brain Research Agenda (SEBRA) as well as the work undertaken by the six EBRA Clusters.  The event is an occasion to bring the wider brain research community and key players together, to discuss key aims of the project: the current state of brain research in Europe, increased patient engagement and public awareness, research infrastructures and data sharing and the future potentials and need for a brain health partnership going forward.

Collaboration and cooperation in the brain research area remain more important than ever and the EBRA Final Conference will be a major milestone to ensure unification and commitment to the future of brain research in Europe.

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Brain Innovation Days (11-12 October)

This year’s event will centre around Connecting Brains, bringing together the current and future generations of brain research and innovation, and enabling space and opportunity for open discussion and showcasing, prioritising matchmaking and networking within the community, particularly of stakeholders who may not have the opportunity to connect in their day-to-day. Pre-event matchmaking would be encouraged through a dedicated platform in order to facilitate interaction on the day and programme details will be shared between March and May 2022 in order to attract a wider audience and kickstart networking opportunities.

The day will host a series of How-To sessions focused on business and networking skills, a high-level investor panel, a policy-focused roundtable discussion on research funding, countless networking opportunities (both in groups and one-on-one) and exciting Brain Talks. The 2nd Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition will also take place on the day, with five pre-selected finalists battling live for the jury and public prizes for Best Pitch. An Innovation Corner will be set up for companies to showcase their tangible tools and devices and for researchers to present posters, an area that will be open on the 11th in the afternoon during the EBRA Final Conference and throughout the day on the 12th and host a guided tour during the Networking Reception on 12 October.

Follow the Brain Innovation Days social media channels and dedicated newsletter for all the latest updates – more information to be released soon!