The European Brain Council (EBC) is pleased to invite you to register & attend the digital event “Brain and machine: Improving MS care in a digital age”, to be held virtually on 27 May 2021 at 11:00 CET. The event is supported by Biogen, EBC and EU40.

The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines is perhaps the clearest example of cumulative medical innovationㅡand its undisputed power to transform lives. But scientific innovation has not been limited to the race for immunity. From telemedicine and portable diagnostics to digital therapeutics and blockchain, digital technologies are reshaping health-care delivery―and could play a transformative role in the future.

This is nowhere truer than with multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological condition for which there is currently no cure. From disease-modifying treatments to improved tools for monitoring disease activity, significant progress has been made in improving the quality of life of people affected by MS. Yet there is still a long way to go to better understand and respond to the disease. Digital products such as remote-monitoring tools and wearable devices and sensors offer the potential to deliver personalised and improved care to those affected by MS. But accelerating the pace of innovation requires effective policies and sufficient investment for research. Above all, the needs of patients must be at the forefront, with open dialogue between policymakers, industry leaders and health professionals.

This digital event will convene biotechnology leaders, policymakers, medical professionals, advocacy groups and patient advocates to examine how the digital revolution is transforming health-care delivery. In the approach to World MS Day, recognized on 30 May 2021, the event will take a focused look at the progress that has been made in treating MS, and will examine how to accelerate further advances.