The EBC held its 2nd 2015 Board Meeting in Brussels on June, 18th. On this occasion, delegates from EBC’s member organisations and industry partners discussed the activities planned for 2015 and 2016.
The following issues were addressed:

EBC’s advocacy – Follow-up from EBC’s meeting with Health Commissioner Andriukaitis: actions to follow :
– Setting an action plan to disseminate the EC’s programme for early diagnosis and prevention regarding mental health across EU Member States
– Collecting data from all 28 Member States in order to set their profiles and needs in terms of mental health
– Promoting further the Value of Treatment project to the Commission

Public reimbursement of antidepressants: The Board of EBC adopted a position statement on the open letter published by French MEP Michele Rivasi in “Le Monde » where she called for an end to the public reimbursement of antidepressants. Given the fact that her arguments were based on medically fraud and erroneous supposition and information, it was felt of prime importance to respond to this. This response will be disseminated in “Le Monde” and sent to the EP President Martin Schultz.

EBC/CINP White Paper: It was reported on the White Paper’s presentation in the meeting of the EP Interest Group on mental health, well-being and brain diseases. Further promotion of the document is also being considered, possibly in co-operation with likeminded organisations or stakeholders of EBC.

Alzheimer Europe’s Glasgow Declaration for European and national Strategies on Dementia: The document was endorsed by the Board. This was seen to hopefully lead to closer contact and co-operation between EBC, and its Member organisations, and AE.

National Brain Councils: After the success of the 1st NBCs Academy meeting organised by EBC, contacts between the NBCs, as well as between the NBCs and companies should be fostered and encouraged: EBC’s new website should become the main tool to achieve this.

Consensus Document on Brain Research in Europe: FENS is working on a draft that will be circulated among the Board Members and should be endorsed in September during EBC’s next Board meeting.

EBC’s governance: EBC is currently in the process of revising its Statutes: it will be effective after they are published in the Belgian Official Journal. Ideas as to how EBC can foster bonds with industries are welcome. Also, EBC’s General Assembly will be held on September 24th at 10.00 am: full members, associates and executive committee are invited to attend.

STOA survey: STOA (EP) asked EBC to run a survey to know how diffused is the practice of using technologies as a treatment of substance use disorders. The results should be presented over Summer in Strasbourg, France.