Last year, the European Brain Council has started the campaign #Move4YrBrain -relayed on Twitter- in order to raise awareness on the benefits of physical exercise for brain health. This initiative was launched on the occasion of the Brussels 20km race in May 2015 and followed by Brussels Half-Marathon in October 2015. Given this previous success, the EBC is glad to propose it again this year, with the objective of involving even more runners as part of our team for the race.

Therefore, the EBC is delighted to invite you all to join its team at the 2016 Brussels 20km race, which is going to take place on the 29th May 2016.

Should you be interested in joining the initiative, please contact us at As for previous editions, EBC will be happy to provide runners with our new #Move4YrBrain T–shirt.

We also invite you to share pictures of your trainings and your race through Twitter under the hashtag #Move4YrBrain, and to spread the word: exercise can not only make you physically fitter, it also contributes to an improved mental and neurological condition by fostering the growth of new brain cells.