On 18 June 2013 a planning meeting to create a Macedonian Action Group for Brain (MAG) was held in the Skopje Clinic of Neurology, Skopje, Macedonia. 14 participants attended the meeting. Tadeusz Hawrot represented EBC and co-chaired the meeting with Anita Arsovska, President of the Macedonian Society of Neurology.

A discussion followed on the public health and brain situation in Macedonia. The most urgent issues concern the financial problems of the hospitals and their huge debts, the brain drain that severely affects the country, a lack of research projects and considerable fragmentation.

The participants discussed the need for a MAG and what potential areas it could get involved in. It was felt that such an organization would be of help to unite all voices in the field of the brain in Macedonia and enter into an active dialogue with the various stakeholders.

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