EBC’s flagship event, the Brain Innovation Days, will take place later this week – to be held at The Egg in Brussels, Belgium on 26-27 October 2023.

The concept of the Brain Innovation Days – led by the European Brain Council – comes from within both the scientific and business communities, fusing together to showcase the potentials within the brain space. Currently, researchers, clinicians, industry and others all over are working to not only understand the brain further but to use this gained understanding to develop novel treatments, interventions and tools to address brain health and ill-health.

This event, and the community built around it, is the platform to boost interaction, facilitate knowledge exchange and business development, connect the dots with key people, potentiate investments, foster dialogue and showcase ongoing innovation and progress being made in the space, particularly in Europe.

Badges have gone to print, however, tickets are still available and can be purchased on site, too. Take a look at the final programme and hope to see you there.