Brain conditions affect over 1.1 million people in Ireland but investment in
research into these conditions remains behind cancer and cardiovascular
research with a critical need for targeted funding to support research into
brain conditions in this country.

This was the central message of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland & Irish
Brain Council conference “Brain Research in Ireland: Investing in All Our
Futures”  held in the Science Gallery Dublin on 7th March as part of events
to mark National Brain Awareness Week

The event saw the launch of the inaugural position paper by the Irish Brain
Council, outlining their agenda to advocate for and promote investment in
research and improved access to services and treatments for Irish people
with brain conditions.

Speakers at the conference included the head of research and analytics from
the Irish Department of Health and the guest speaker, Frederic Destrebecq,
Executive Director of the European Brain Council Members of the Irish Brain
Council who are leading specialists in clinical and neuroscience research in
Ireland also spoke on the day and the event was chaired by Mags Rogers,
Executive Director of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland, the national
umbrella for patient organisations.

Delivering the opening address, Mags Rogers Executive Director of the
Neurological Alliance and Secretary of the Irish Brain Council said “Brain
conditions are the greatest medical challenge of our time. With the Irish
Brain Council, we have a united voice across basic and clinical research and
including patient organisations to bring a national focus to brain
conditions with the aim of promoting investment in research, treatment and
services. We’ve seen the sea change in outcomes for conditions here in
Ireland because of a focused drive and investment in research and treatment.
This is what we are calling for on behalf of Irish people with brain

The event attracted over 150 attendees from the fields of research, clinical
practice and patient organisations.

You can download the inaugural position paper of the Irish Brain Council here.

Article courtesy of the Irish Brain Council.