EBC has created the #ILoveMyBrain logo  as a marketing tool for pulling together all the work being done to promote brain health and prevent and treat brain disorders in Europe.

 Different organisations, researchers, patients and carers are working on different conditions – Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Mental Illness are only a few examples.  We believe that by bringing together the very diverse activities which are all considered brain disorders, we can all benefit.  Using a common logo, which is repeatedly seen in public and in the media, will help to gain more attention for brain disorders from EU policy makers, and ensure that more resources are channeled towards research on the brain and for patients of brain disorders.

 The logo is not ‘owned’ by EBC.  We invite  you to use the logo for any activity that is connected to brain health – conferences, outreach events, online campaigns – however you wish.  When using the logo through social media, we encourage you to include the hashtag: #ILoveMyBrain. We hope that over the next few years it becomes as recognizable as the other symbols which have been so effective in attracting resources to specific diseases – the pink ribbon for breast cancer, the red ribbon for HIV…  Let’s get the public and policy makers thinking about how important our brain health is!

Download the logo here: