On 13th December 2017, the European Brain Council (EBC) participated in a roundtable on the use of off-label medicines in Rome, Italy. This was the first of a series of national roundtables to be organised by the Good Off-Label Use Practice (GOLUP) coalition.

Over 20 stakeholders representing the medical, patient and research communities attended the event.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Giovanni Esposito, European Brain Council
  • Kevin Rieger, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs
  • Sirena Sileoni, The Bruno Leoni Institute
  • Lucia Ruggieri, The Gianni Benzi Pharmacological Research Foundation

A general consensus on the usefulness of guidelines for the prescription of off-label medicines and criteria outlined in the GOLUP came out strongly from participants.

A number of organisations expressed their interest in endorsing the GOLUP and invited the authors to present it to their congress.

Participants stressed the importance of involving institutional stakeholders in this effort to raise awareness about good practice for off-label use.

A more extensive report on this roundtable is available in Italian, upon demand.