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Academia, corporate leaders, finance executives, and trailblazing entrepreneurs will coalesce for a dynamic set of panel discussions on The Evolution of Mental Health at the House of Trust event during the 2024 World Economic Forum!

We’ll explore the transformative journey of mental health, exploring its modern evolution, the pivotal role of businesses in promoting wellness, the cutting-edge impact of technology and the fusion of ancient wisdom and western medicinal practices.

Bonus: Experience some of the tech for yourself at the event!

Learn more about each panel, here.

Panel 1: Trends in Mental Health Innovation
Panel 2: Mental Wellness and Stress Resilience of Business Leaders and Employees
Panel 3: Mental Health Technology Deepdive
Panel 4: AguilaCondor Foundation – Bridging Old & New Worlds

EBC Executive Director, Frédéric Destrebecq, will take part in the Panel 1 on ‘Trends in Mental Health Innovation‘, diving into the evolution of mental health innovations, perceptions and investments over the last decade.

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