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About the poster presentation

EBC will hold a poster presentation at IASP 2024 World Congress on Pain on the topic “Health Gains and Socio-Economic Impacts of Structured Interdisciplinary Management of Chronic Primary Low-Back Pain“.

Chronic primary low-back pain, formerly called, non-specific back pain, is one of the largest health burdens in countries around the globe. Pain specialists had developed a structured multimodal and interdisciplinary approach to its management in the 1980ies that leads to major improvements in functioning and quality of life and reduced work absenteeism. Such management is offered by specialized clinics in some countries, but is not generally available to the patient population at large. This is partly due to the consideration that it may be too expensive. Led by the European Brain Council within the Value of Treatment (VoT) initiative, partners analysed to what extent the cost of structured interdisciplinary management is offset by savings in direct and indirect cost of the current standard of care.  

The aim of this study is to assess the cost-effectiveness of chronic pain management in one model country (Germany) with and without structured interdisciplinary treatment in patients with chronic low back pain. 

Come and participate in the IASP 2024 World Congress on Pain to delve into the findings of the study and interact with experts face-to-face to ask your questions!

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