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EBC looks forward to being part of the 9th European Academy of Neurology congress, to be held on 1-4 July, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary with a TV studio special session centred around its advocacy work for the brain. This session, taking place on 3 July 2023 at 16:15-17:15 CET and led by members of the Executive Committee of the European Brain Council, will analyse the current state of advocacy in the brain space at the European level and explore not only the importance of the work being done but the potentials for strengthened collaboration and the needs going forward, for the benefit of all within the brain space, particularly with a spotlight on neurology and neurological conditions (including the clinicians that treat them and the patients that live with them). The discussion will cover the work being done by EBC and its key member organisations (in particular, EAN), the inclusion of the patient voice, advocacy and policy work being done at the global and European levels and the added value of speaking with one voice.

Advocacy in the Brain Space: Introduction of the European Brain Council – Prof. Suzanne Dickson (EBC President)
Advancing the neurology agenda at the European level – Prof. Claudio Bassetti (EBC Vice President)
The importance of the patient voice and a cross-disciplinary approach – Dr Orla Galvin (EBC Treasurer)

The livestream can be watched through the link below:

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