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BRAINTEASER is a data science project, which the European Brain Council is part of, employs AI-based clinical software and mobile apps to support patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis, their clinicians and families.

We have developed a prototype app-based solution with the aim of bridging the gap between hospital- and home-care. Through the app, the patients can send data and questions to the clinicians and receive help and suggestions.

We are also integrating wearable app sensor data collected through smart watches and air-quality data collected through wearable sensors. The first, together with the patient input, helps clinicians determine the patient status. The second is useful to study the possible impact of the environment on disease exacerbation.

We have adopted an open-science paradigm. We respect patient data confidentiality and ownership (data are fully anonymous), and, at the same time, challenge the scientific community to compare, discuss and openly publish their systems and solutions, including those developed by BRAINTEASER.

We have already organised a first open evaluation challenge in September 2022 with the aim of predicting disease prognosis in ALS, and the following is coming in Fall 2023, when we will discuss analogous AI solutions for MS and the possible impact of the environment.

These AI models will be then used to give integrated and augmented information to the clinicians, improving prognostication and intervention timing in routine clinical practice.

As the project has reached the halfway stage, on the 28th February 2023 the Consortium has planned its mid-term workshop.

The organisation of this event comes at the end of the first phase of the project and will serve as a basis to launch the second phase or “pilot phase” that will focus on transforming the current health approach from a reactive to a predictive system focused on risk prediction, patient stratification and prognosis.

The workshop will also serve as a place for reflection on the importance of transformative research, with a view to identifying the opportunities that arise from the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience and the related strategic lines of use of the funds envisaged by the Next Generation EU Programme.

The event, which can be also attended online, will be held in the prestigious location of the University of Padua Botanical Garden, Italy.

The BRAINTEASER Mid Term Workshop Full Programme can be accessed here.

You can register here to join the event online, but if you wish to join us in presence please click here!

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