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Brain Awareness Week 2023: Global Partnerships in Brain Research 

Brussels, Belgium | 16 March 2022 | 10:00-17:00

Enhancing global collaboration in the domain of research and innovation is key for effectively addressing today’s societal challenges and improving the health and well-being of citizens. This is particularly true for brain disorders, including both neurological and mental conditions, which are widespread and highly disabling diseases that are often difficult to treat. It is crucial to explore how global research collaboration can support brain research in a meaningful way, to the benefit of people living with brain conditions across the globe.

Understanding the brain is not just to tackle a “burden”. It is also to allow people to thrive; to live healthily, to power our economies and to build for future generations. Investing in the brain and brain research is critical.

With plenty of high-caliber brain research underway across the world, the fostering of concrete global partnerships and alliances for brain research is urgently needed – sharing knowledge and learning from peers, working in collaboration rather than silos and strengthening alignment across diverse public and private entities to structure and track investments for the benefit of international research and the health of all populations. Brain health is global and should not be tackled solely at the regional level – but at a global level, particularly as our world grows increasingly borderless. Competition in this space would be futile to address the growing burden of brain disorders and the need for improved brain health in society.

This high-level, international event — organised by the European Brain Council in collaboration with the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) — will bring together key stakeholders to reflect on the global burden of brain disease, enhancing brain health and how to approach the challenges together through knowledge and data sharing, capacity building, funding and policy: key areas to forge a path towards stronger international alliances and a grander brain plan.

Furthermore, all event attendees are warmly invited to join us at the 1st Fundraising Gala Dinner of the European Brain Foundation later that evening. Tickets are available separately through brainfoundation.eu/gala-dinner/

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