IMG_4288On 27th October, DG SANTE of the European Commission organized a conference on Multimorbidities: ‘Which priorities for a European policy on multimorbidity?’ in Brussels, Belgium.

Multimorbidity, usually defined as the co-occurrence of two or more chronic conditions in one person, is a growing concern in our society and a challenge facing patients, health professionals and health systems’ sustainability. This conference brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, policy-makers, professionals from the pharmaceutical and ICT industry, insurers and patient representatives to share experiences and existing knowledge on multimorbidity from regional models of care to research and decision-making tools. This wide range of participants come together to:

  • Raise awareness on the relevance and urgency to deal with multimorbidity
  • Share experiences and practices in the management of multimorbidity
  • Learn from innovative healthcare approaches
  • Explore together how to address the barriers to address a common framework on multimorbidity
  • Create a common engagement across stakeholders to start addressing the issue at European level.

Please follow the link to see the Booklet “Which priorities for a European policy on multimorbidity?”