9c3ec0c7-5cc1-47ec-ada2-fdf447690156On 14th October, the EP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain – In partnership with the EP Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Brain Disorders held its meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels. The meeting brought together Representatives of the European Parliament and DG Sante from the European Commission, but also victims suffering of stigma or testimonies delivered of the closest ones.
The two groups are working along to encourage research into and access to innovative treatments, promote prevention and self-management approaches, decrease stigma and work together to improve quality of life for people living with these disabling conditions. In this respect, both groups commented on their activities and further actions, being accompanied by further comments and reccomendations from the other representatives.

If you shall have further interest in the meeting, please follow the link to read the full report.