From 6 to 8 September 2016, 3,000 participants from over 50 countries, including Polish and foreign high officials, EU Commissioners, CEO businesses and scientists, attended the 26th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland, one of the most important get-togethers of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Participants discussed the major current economic, social and political issues, divided into 12 thematic paths dedicated to key sectors of the economy and social life.

One of the Discussion Panels has been dedicated to Health Priorities in Brain Diseases and has seen the participation of the European Brain Council. In the context of rising costs of treating brain disorders in Europe, participants discussed an efficient brain healthcare that requires education of medical personnel, patients and the public, prevention, coordinated and full-range treatment, rehabilitation and social care.

The event happened in the framework of developing a Polish Brain Plan, as a result of cooperation of Polish and European Brain Councils.