EBC is featured in the latest Parliament Magazine, with President Prof. Monica Di Luca included with a Thought Leader piece, outlining why the establishment of a European brain health strategy is critical to fostering research and innovation, and improving patient care.

With this article, as well as with the publication of our Policy Roadmap last month, the European Brain Council calls on the EU institutions to urgently put forward an integrated approach to brain health, one that maximises impact and improves outcomes through coordinated action. Continued multi-stakeholder engagement in the brain health sector, under EU leadership, will bring greater dialogue, further exchanges of knowledge, more showcases of successful, ongoing projects, and accelerate investment in brain disorders for the benefit of patients and us all.

The Thought Leader of Prof. Di Luca was accompanied by a call to foster innovation and research for brain health in Europe and coordinate efforts with all stakeholders by MEPs Tomislav Sokol (HR, EPP) and Maria da Graça Carvalho (PT, EPP). The MEPs highlighted the importance of prioritising brain research in Europe exploiting the strong response from international and European institutions provided by the attempt to tackle the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Both pieces can be seen below or can be read in higher definition here.