EBC’s first video has been upload to our new YouTube channel.

On 29 September 2016, EBC held a demonstration of one of our latest projects, Not Myself Today, to all members. The “mood buttons” activity is just one of many that can be run within companies using the Not Myself Today toolkit.

Not Myself Today is an annual workplace mental health programme that aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and mental illness, reduce stigma and foster a culture of acceptance and support for mental health and for those facing challenges. It provides support to companies and organizations with comprehensive resources and tools to organize events and activities.

Not Myself Today was introduced to workplaces in Canada in 2013 by Partners for Mental Health to encourage employers and employees to transform mental health at work, and is now being piloted and rolled out across Europe by EBC.

Find out more on the initiative and how to become a Mental Health champion at http://www.notmyselftoday.eu

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