EBC recently launched a Policy Roadmap entitled ‘Brain Health in Europe: Fostering Innovation, Improving Outcomes’ on 16 March 2021.

The Roadmap is built around four main chapters:
1. Prioritising brain health
2. Fostering research and innovation for brain health
3. Improving access and outcomes
4. A call for an integrated approach to brain research and health

It contains key recommendations to create an enabling environment which promotes brain health in Europe, and to stimulate investment in brain disorders. The three overarching recommendations are as follows:

• Develop a European Brain Plan as a matter of priority
• Foster the development of enabling policies and common research platforms
• Improve access to treatment and case and focus on better health outcomes

The objective of the Policy Roundtable was to formally launch the Policy Roadmap to a policymaker and stakeholder audience, to stimulate discussions around investment in brain disorders and to implement change. The roundtable gathered a small group of participants, including Members of the European Parliament, European Commission officials, as well as representatives from patient and clinical societies and industry.

A full event report will follow soon.

View live tweets from the event, here.