Delegates to the General Assembly of the European Brain Council (EBC) met on 23rd-24th May 2018 in Brussels to address the key activities and projects of the organization. Amongst others, delegates were presented progress reports on a number of current issues such as: the EBC Strategic Plan, the ongoing development of the Value of Treatment (VoT) project, EBC’s advocacy strategy as well as various Horizon 2020 projects that EBC is involved in. Accordingly, the discussion led to the following outcomes:

  • Agreement was reached on having an exchange of views on the EBC Brain Mission consultation paper “Understand – Fix – Enhance: The Space Race of the 21st Century” during the Strategic Workshop that will be held in September 2018. Further information on how to achieve this will be circulated.
  • A progress report on the status of the Horizon 2020 call SC1-HCO-10-2018 and EBC’s involvement in the Multi-Act project was provided.
  • EBC’s plans for further developing the VoT project were confirmed. In this regard, Members and Partners will be requested to (re)confirm their interest to participate in the project.
  • The project plan and concept note for EBC’s advocacy on the Value of Therapeutic Innovation were presented and confirmed. Accordingly, EBC will be working towards the next steps of this action plan, that includes setting up working groups gathering the relevant level of expertise. Expressions of interest for that purpose were already received at the meeting and can also be sent later on to the EBC
    Brussels office.
  • The proposed organization of an “Industry Day” (Brussels, 21st November) was positively received and
  • Following an exchange of views on new EBC Board Member categories, consensus was reached on inviting delegates of Foundations active in the domain of brain research to the forthcoming meeting of the EBC General Assembly (Brussels, 22nd November).
  • EBC’s plans for organizing a policy roundtable on “The Economic Costs of Brain disorders in Europe” and an event on “Mental Health in Sports” were confirmed.
  • The update on the outcomes of the 4th Academy of National Brain Councils, particularly as regards the adoption of a National Brain Health Strategy in Norway and the proposal concerning future meetings of the National Brain Councils (both regional – e.g. Belgrade – or as full Academy), was positively received.
  • The closing of EBC’s accounts for 2017 was approved.

The EBC Executive is extremely grateful to everyone involved in these activities and looks forward to collaborating further with EBC’s constituency towards further achievements.